Private Web Development Contracting

  • Content Management Systems
  • Database Development
  • Extensive cross language interface with Java, PHP, SQL, ActionScript 3 (Flash), JavaScript, AJAX, XML, HTML, CSS
  • See the code samples section of my resume website for links to the other websites I have made:


  • Private contracted tutoring and employed group tutoring
  • Subject matter: electrical engineering concepts, programming, mathematics, sciences

Electrical Engineering

  • MFC Assembly
  • Circuit Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Regression Analysis
  • Decreased error from 7% to 1%
  • Improved product safety

Computer Hardware and Retail Customer Interface

  • Customer Service
  • Cashier

Silk Screening and Professional Customer Interface

  • Silk Screening
  • Professional Client Interaction
  • Finishing Industry



Major: Electrical Engineering

Western New England College:

Course Code Gr Cr Course Description Instructor Name
MATH 133 A 4 Calculus I James Mcdonald
PHYS 133 A- 4 Mechanics David F Savickas
ENGR 105 A 3 Computer Program Design James Moriarty
MATH 134 B- 4 Calculus II Mikhail Chkhenkeli
PHYS 134 B+ 4 Electricity Magnetism Daniel Hatten
CHEM 105 A- 4 General Chemistry I Joel S. Southern

University of Massachusetts Lowell:

Course Code Gr Cr Course Description Instructor Name
16.207 A 2 EE Lab I Kim Bong
16.216 A 3 ECE Application Programming Ed Ryder
25.108 A 1 Intro To Engineering II Laboratory J. Weitzen
92.231 A 3 Calculus III Recitation Rida Miriez
16.265 A- 3 Logic Design Recitation Ahn Tran
16.201 C+ 3 Circuit Theory Hu Tingshu
92.236 B+ 3 Engineering Differential Equations John Pennell
49.201 A 3 Economics I Nurul Aman
49.202 B- 3 Economics II Ronald Olive
49.299 A- 3 Labor Economics Monica Galizzi

Academic Awards:

Freshmen Year Strait A's: Alpha Lambda Delta

High GPA in Engineering: Tau Beta Pi


Experience with Programs

Apache (web server)

Microsoft Visual Studio (C++ compiler)

Adobe Flash Professional CS4 (Flash compiler)

Adobe Photoshop CS4 (image editor)

FireBug (JavaScript debugger)

Notepad++ (Text editor ideal for programming and web development)

FileZilla (FTP)

Ultimate Boot CD (boot diagnostic tools)

RMS (cashier software with customer database)

AutoHotKey (mix of macro programming and Windows functionality)

SolidWorks (3d design)

Partition Magic (HDD partitioning software)

Matlab (essential math for engineers)

LogicWorks (board layout program for nand nor gates)

PADS (analog board layout program)

Prime95 (overclock tester)

IntelBurn (overclock tester)

Memtest86+ (overclock tester)

A number of Windows installers

A number of Linux installers

Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Database

WAMP (web server)


Web development projects:

Purdue University Cellwall Genetics Project (PHP, MySQL, flash)

Resturaunt Content Management System (PHP, MySQL, javascript, HTML, CSS)

Video Posting Content Management System (Java, PHP, MySQL, javascript, HTML, CSS)

Silk Screening Buisness Website (PHP, MySQL, javascript, HTML, CSS, flash)

Old resume website (javascript, HTML, CSS, flash)

Website Website (HTML, CSS)

My professors taught me the principles of writing neat readable code. My code is always well commented, with descriptive variable names. My professors also emphasized conformity, I will change my coding styles to match those of other programmers I am working with if need be.

AutoHotKey Java C++ PHP ActionScript 3 (Flash) JavaScript AJAX XML HTML CSS


Private Tutoring

Javier Philbrick

Group Tutoring

Suzanne Gamache
UMASS Lowell
1 University Ave.
Lowell, MA
(978) 934-2947

Electrical Engineering

Harold Cadman
Pneucleus Technologies LLC
169 Depot Rd.
Hollis, NH 03049
(603) 465-7346

Computer Hardware and Retail Customer Interface

Fred and Kelly Ramos
Showtime Computers
15 Derry St. Hudson NH, 03051


UML: Prof. Ed Ryder

WNEC: Prof. James Moriarty